Who Are We?

In an environment and space that includes over 45,000 nonprofit organizations, multiple government and university initiatives and a great amount of private business interest, it seems that Veterans across our country should easily connect with the resources they need. However, in reality this space is a loud and confusing one defined by little coordination, and today’s Veterans and their families need a solution to that issue in order to experience a truly effective transition from the military.

The Veteran Success Resource Group (VSRG) combats this pervasive and debilitating problem by coordinating for our Veterans and their families the necessary resources to be personally and professionally successful. We provide highly-interactive and full-spectrum Veteran resource expo events that are free of charge to Veterans, service members, National Guardsmen and Reservists, family members and caregivers. The only organization of its kind, VSRG brings to local Veteran communities a wide array of medium and large businesses, universities, government agencies and Veteran service organizations, all of which provide services or employment opportunities for Veterans and their families.